Indie Game Insider Articles

In September 2013, I joined a few of my friends from UW-Whitewater to write for Indie Game Insider. My articles for the site are linked below:

Dragon Fantasy Book II Review: How to Train your Dragon

Conspirocracy Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Godus Goes Live On Steam

LearnDistrict Seeks to Shake Up The Education Genre

Not on Steam Sale Highlights Non-Greenlit Games

Defense Technica Review: Technically Defensive

Pay What You Want for FootLOL: Epic Fail League This Week

Telltale Games Announces Game of Thrones Title, Borderlands Title

Conspirocracy Review: An Adventure Into a World of Questions

2014 IGF Announces Finalists

Supershow Collective Features Over Two Days of Indie Games and Developers

Humble Indie Bundle X Debuts Featuring To the Moon, Joe Danger, Papo & Yo, Runner 2

Midnight City Announces Next Three Releases, Slender: The Arrival Coming to Consoles

Indie Royale Launches Choices 2013 Bundle

Nidhogg Review: The Eloquence of Simplicity

Legend of Grimrock II Details, Lore, Screenshots Released

New Version of Ouya Console Released, 16GB Storage, New Controller

Chucklefish Announces New Game, Starbound Details

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors Review: It’s a Grand Old Show

Jazzpunk Review: Weird is Good

Flappy Bird Breakdown: The Fragility of a Creative Mind

Windborne Preview: Minecraft-Inspired Goodness

Inazuma Eleven Review: Golden Goal

Kickstarter Success RTS Planetary Annihilation Goes Into “Gamma” Phase of Development

Nordic Mythology Platformer Munin Announced

Jagged Alliance, Giana

Sisters Publisher Announces New RPG, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms

Jungle Rumble coming to iOS, Android in Late April

Divinity: Original Sin Gets New Release Timeframe,


Weapon Shop de Omasse Review: Serrated

Amnesia Developers Release New Trailer for SOMA

Kerbal Space Program and NASA Team Up For In-Game


Defense Grid 2 Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Frozen Endzone Preview: The Tactical Future of


The Incredible

Adventures of Van Helsing II Gets Release Date, Closed Beta with Pre-order

Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders Preview:

You’re Grounded

The Powerpuff Girls:

Defenders of Townsville Review: Robots, Fights, and Everything Nice

Dungeon Defenders (and All DLC) Now Free on Xbox Live

Unreal Engine 4 Now Available for $19 Per Month

Android Now Supports Cross-platform Play with iOS

Dragon Fin Soup is Greenlit, Kickstarted

How Oculus’ Facebook Deal Will Kill Virtual

Reality in Gaming

Race The Sun Developers Announce New Game


Digital Distribution Sites

Allegedly Distributing Indie Game Keys Illegally

IndieGala Releases Every Monday Bundle 2

Amazon Announces New Video Streaming/Game

Console Device, Fire TV

The Pirate Bay Bundle Released, Contains 101 Free


Transistor Release Date, Price Announced,

Playable at PAX East

Latest Humble Weekly Sale Features Games

Selected by PewDiePie

Strike Vector 50% Off on Steam, Adding New Game Mode

PAX East 2014 Darknet Preview: Hacking into the Mainframe

PAX East 2014 Bounden Preview: On Pointe

PAX East 2014 This War of Mine Preview: You Can Keep


PAX East 2014 Below Preview: A Journey of Souls

PAX East 2014 Adult Swim Games Showcase

PAX East 2014 Hyper Light Drifter Preview: Get


PAX East 2014 There Came an Echo Preview:

All Units, Move Forward

PAX East 2014 Aztez Preview: Risk ‘em Up

PAX East 2014 Elegy For A

Dead World Preview: Drop That Pen Like A Lost Civilization

Harmonix Goes Indie for Amplitude

Successor, Launches Kickstarter

Multiplayer Mixdown: What Indie Developers Can

Learn from TagPro

Klei Announces Don’t Starve

Together, Multiplayer Component Coming Late Summer

Killing Floor 2 Announced,

Features Motion Capture, Advanced Gore System

Accessibility Game Jam Gets Underway,

Aims for Inclusive Game Design

Cahors Sunset Review: Twilight

The Dark Side of Early Access: Towns

Blade Symphony Review: Unsheathed

What is an Indie Game, and Why Should I Care?

Apple WWDC Keynote Details Big Mobile

Gaming Changes: Metal, Swift, iOS 8

Multiplayer Mixdown:

Guns of Icarus Online and the Concept of “Mandatory Communication”

Steam Early Access Updates FAQ to Allow for

Unfinished Games

BIT.TRIP Developers Rebrand

Studio as Choice Provisions, Announce Two New Titles

E3 2014: Humble Bundle and Twitch Launch ‘E3

Digital Ticket’

Hotline Miami 2 will have a Level Editor

E3 2014: ID@Xbox Announces a Plethora of Indies

for Xbox One

E3 2014: Entwined Announced and Released for PS4

E3 2014: Fantasy Life, a Level-5 RPG, is coming

to North America

Than McClure Reflects on Blood of the

Werewolf: An IGI Interview

Shattered Planet Review: Emergency Landing


Preview: Steeze


You are God

Narrative Extension Fungus 1.4 Released for Unity

Kerbal Space Program: First Contract Available


Chemistry Game Sokobond Coming to Steam July 21st

MGDS 2014: Lacuna Passage Preview – The Red Planet

MGDS 2014: We Are Chicago – From Statistics to


Orcs Must Die! Unchained Update Detailed,

Account Wipe Imminent

How Many Devs Does it Take to Make a Browser-Based

RTS? One.

#screenshotsaturday Roundup – July 19

Indie Piñata Offers 10 Discounted Games

for the Next 5 Days

FORCED 2: The Rush Announced, Coming in 2015

Frozen Endzone Renamed to Frozen Cortex,

Huge Update Detailed

Bit Bash is Chicago’s Indie Game Festival this

September now has DRM-free Linux Games

Gratuitous Space Battles 2

Announced, Promises Even More Gratuitousness

Google’s Billion Dollar Purchase of Twitch

Confirmed, Joining Youtube

Screencheat, A Game Where Screen-watching is

Essential to Winning