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Currently, I’m a writer for The Indie Game Magazine. I started this position in May 2013, covering news. I’ve done everything from reviews of hit indie titles (like Gone Home), to interviews and highlights of game music composers (my Audio Input series). I’ve linked everything I’ve written for IGM below.


The Yawhg Preview – Time is of the Essence

Frontiers Interview – Trailblazing with Lars Simkins

‘Dust: An Elysian Tail’ PC Review

Humble Indie Bundle 8 Launches with ‘Hotline Miami’ and ‘Proteus’

‘L.A. Noire’ Developers Form New Indie Studio: Intuitive Game Studios

Indie Royale Releases the Hammerhead Bundle

‘Rush Bros’ Review – Beat It

‘Frontiers’ Kicks Off June with funding Campaign

Molyjam Deux Announced, Starting July 5th

Alpha Released for Moon-Controlling Game ‘Lune’

Deadly Dungeons Bundle Features ‘Knytt Underground’, ‘Dwarf Quest’, and more

‘Endless Space’ Expansion gets Release Date, Screenshots

Audio Input – ‘Pulse’ Migrates to Android, Gives Off Ambient Flair

‘The Open Bundle’ Released, Fights Copyright with Art and Music from Web Games

Audio Input – ‘Soundodger’ Puts Twist on Classic Rhythm Genre

Mars Exploration Game ‘Lacuna Passage’ Live on Kickstarter

Audio Input – ‘Super Amazing Wagon Adventure’ Developer Talks About Rookie Sound Design

Build A Greenlight Bundle 3 Offers Up Nine Games for Greenlight Votes

Metroidvania Adventure ‘Legend of Iya’ Off to A Good Start

Audio Input – Chipzel Talks about Hexagons and Composing for Games

‘Vintage Hero’ Review – Modern Mega Man Tackles XBLIG

‘Teleglitch: Die More Edition’ Review – Yep, Still Dying

Indie Speed Run Judges Include Notch, Molyneux, Kim Swift

‘Mount Your Friends’ Review – I Hope Your Friends Don’t Mind

Game Music Bundle 5 Features Monaco, FTL, FEZ, Gunpoint Soundtracks

Hands-On With ‘Mercenary Kings’, an Old-school, Early Access Shoot-’em-up

‘Gone Home’ Review – Tears for Fears

‘Skullgirls’ Review (PC) – Handle With Care

‘MirrorMoon EP’ Review – A Puzzling Puzzler

Audio Input – Vincent Diamante Talks ‘Skullgirls’, thatgamecompany, and the Future of Music Composition

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