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This weekend was Wisconsin Game Developers Summit on the UW-Milwaukee campus. I attended with a few members of GZTV and had a great time! It was very interesting to hear panels from the employees at Volition about their development of Saints Row and Red Faction. I also attended Keith Fuller’s discussion “Why you shouldn’t get into the games industry, but if you do…”, which was downright hilarious and even a bit uplifting.

The games on display were fantastic. I played Flippfly’s kickstarter success Race the Sun for probably a total of a few hours. It was extremely addicting, and I’m looking forward to the final product. When I got home Sunday night, I immediately purchased the alpha.

Race The Sun’s title screen. I highly recommend this game, it’s on sale at Flippfly’s website.

There were a few other fantastic games there. A three-man team from Tribeca Flashpoint had a fun little platformer called ink, which has a lot of potential to be great. The Amiable had a great game called Tetrapulse, a twin stick shooter focused on protecting a central object that heals you. Oh, and your ammo and health came from the same health bar. This could be a huge hit in multiplayer gaming.

At the end of the day, I moderated my first ever gaming convention panel. Entitled “Breaking into the industry at a college level”, I moderated the discussion of five other GZTV members about how we got where we were, and what we’ve done to meet people and start getting our names out there to other people who already work in the industry. It was very successful, even if I was a bit nervous! I’ll have a few pictures of it up soon.

I’d love to attend WGDS next year, if it’s going to happen. It was a great experience and I got to meet some fantastic people.